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Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. ~Author Unknown

Over $77,000 raised this year!!!


Disaster Preparedness For Your Organization 


May 17 9AM to 11AM - Fee $20 to $24 depending on your membership with us. 

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Is your organization ready for the unexpected?

  • Preparing your organization for a potential disaster
  • How to create a disaster plan for your organization
  • Tools to keep your home, church and community safe

Volunteer Motivation

May 18 - 9AM to 11AM - Fee $12 to $15 depending on your membership with us. 

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Determine what is necessary to retain volunteers and maximize their contribution.

Volunteer management workshops are designed to help individuals managing volunteers to find solutions to challenging situations. Our goal is to help you strengthen your network of support while growing a strong volunteer program. 

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Visit the Center to search for grants and scholarships. Drop in hours are 9 to 3 Monday through Thursday.
Call 815-344-4483.

Our workshops and trainings bring to light best practices and include a myriad of topics to help nonprofit organizations look to the future.  Click for information